Group Identity

Cementir is an International Group that:

aspires to be a product leader
is dynamic on the market, constantly seeking new opportunities
believes in sustainable development and works to achieve it
believes that continuously seeking quality in every business process is the key to success
gives importance to the growth of its employees, its shareholders and the communities in which it operates
believes that diversity is an element of strength and value on which to base its actions


We want to maintain our uniqueness on the market through product segmentation and business diversification. We want to create value, thanks to an agile organization capable of sustaining growth, respecting the environment and fostering integration with local communities.


We develop our growth through product leadership and a continuous improvement of processes.
We work dynamically to seize the best opportunities, leveraging our know-how and our people's flexibility.
We adapt our organization to the territory where it operates, to increase its value and to ensure mutual benefit.
This is our Group Leadership Model, which embraces all the competencies that everyone should act and develop to achieve our strategic goals
Broaden horizons
Drive change
Pursue Innovation
Boost operational efficiency
Go beyond expectations
Take the lead
Act as a role model
Foster Group Integration
Strive for persuasion
Commit to inclusion and social responsibility
We look beyond to anticipate and seize the best opportunities. Being dynamic and flexible is the feature that makes us unique on the market and allows us to quickly meet our customers' demands
We engage and invest in constantly improving the quality of our products. We seek the efficiency and effectiveness of our processes.
We build relationships with our employees and stakeholders that last over time. We believe it is our responsibility to recognize the merits and abilities of our people and anyone working with the Group.
We consider diversity and inclusion a great asset. We work every day promoting diversity in all its forms and expressions.
We believe that there can be no success without respect for the environment. We are responsible for the communities in which we live and work. It is our responsibility to take care of our property while safeguarding the environment and natural resources.