Social Responsibility


Sinai White Portland Cement co. complies with European energy and Environmental requirements. All the equipment in both production lines meets the international environmental and safety standards. This plant is a good example of how modern industry can be combined with sound environmental practice. The plant has converted from the use of oil to gas as primary fuel and is designed to meet European environmental standards. The company has also implemented an environmental reporting system and participates in the online environmental monitoring system that allows the central authorities to continuously supervise plant operation and emissions.

Social initiatives for local population

Through creation of jobs and support for local initiatives the company has a significant positive social and economic impact in the North- East of the Sinai Peninsula, where the plant is located. The company maximizes the use of local people in all the activities of the Factory. To support the local economy, the company uses local contractors to transport all type of (raw and finished goods). SWC contributed in the creation of a police station, a mosque and a new village in the desert areas improving the quality of the life in the area. The Company helped the local population during the flood of 2010 and supported the reconstruction after the natural catastrophe. SWC is committed in the increase of the level of the education in the area by supporting construction of schools and by providing scholarships in the local university for the local population.