Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Safety in the workplace is a fundamental value of our sustainability culture, as it is the protection of our employees’ health.

Safety begins with workers and returns to them as the final objective of the actions we implement for the overall risk mitigation and management. The phases of the process are planned and implemented through the involvement and participation of the workers themselves. Awareness, as a personal attitude, is one of the key factors in accident prevention.

The Golden Rules of our Group

We have defined rules and guidelines valid for everyone to standardize behavior, share health and safety best practices and create a Group culture based on common principles. Our Golden Rules are the operational guiding principles on health and safety at work, issued by Cementir Group at the beginning of 2021 with the aim of preventing accidents and thus protecting employees at work.

The Golden Rules are a prerequisite for developing a proactive and responsible safety culture, where the principle "Each one protects everyone" applies.

Lehigh White Cement is part of this culture where everybody has a role and bears a responsibility to prevent incidents.

The periodic improvement and prevention plans are defined and implemented in line with the risk assessment and with the principle of continuous improvement, the cornerstone of the management systems in the field of health and safety in the workplace. On-site contractors are also involved in the process. Specific indicators are monitored to evaluate performance and verify the status and effectiveness of the planned interventions.

Accident prevention

We are constantly working to prevent injuries.

Each plant / work area is subjected to periodic controls aimed at highlighting and correcting any risk factors by defining the corrective plans regarding the technical and managerial solutions as well as any updates to the operating and behavioral methods. The actions and results are examined in depth during the periodic safety meetings.
Scheduled maintenance of individual equipment is coordinated in order to maintain their safety and reliability constant over time.
Investments and expenses in safety devices (both individual and plant) have the objective of maintaining a high technological and prevention level.
Technical-specialist and behavioral training is carried out in the classroom and through on-the-job coaching. The necessary technical skills for the safe use of machinery are complemented by information and involvement campaigns for the empowerment of all employees at all levels.
The periodic checks carried out by the Group Internal Audit function provide a measure of the management effectiveness achieved and compliance with local regulatory requirements and Group guidelines on the matter.