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•  Tiles & Terrazzo:
Terrazzo tiles, dating back to Roman times, are in strong demand for their tested durability, functionality, aesthetic beauty and low maintenance. White and colored tiles produced from high strength white Portland cement are preferred for applications and designs offering good performance to chemical attack and environmental weathering. It is a natural solution for outdoor paving and indoor flooring and is used widely in applications ranging from large public spaces such as airports and convention centers to state of the art kitchen and bathroom ware.

•  Artificial Stones:
Artificial concrete stones can substitute natural stones so well to fool the most experienced experts, at a fraction of the cost and environmental impact. Sinai White Cement is the preferred binder avoiding discoloration and ensures high resistance to sulphate and other chemical attack where pure colors are required. Artificial stones are commonly used as external surface cladding and indoor decorations.

•  Dry Mix:
Mortars are used in a large range of applications such as plasters and stuccos, cement paints, adhesives and joint fillers and pointing mortars. Sinai White Cement minimizes absorption of polymers present in most dry mix formulations due to its low aluminate content which prevents unwanted early stiffening, slow strength development and shrinkage cracks. The exceptionally low iron content and pH of the cement prevents discoloration during service separating it from other more conventional “high pH” White Portland Cements.

•  Precast Concrete:
Sinai White Cement is high strength cement in accordance with the European cement standard EN 197, suited to all precast concrete applications from ornamental garden sculptures to load bearing columns and freeway safety barriers. In addition to the very high strengths, what sets it apart from all other white cements is the very low alkali and aluminate contents resulting in superior performance in terms of chemical attack, efflorescence and staining. The low aluminate content makes the cement more compatible with water reducing admixtures as well as reducing the required dosage for equal slump. High early strength also means that the formwork can be stripped at an early age reducing production costs.

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