We are committed to ensure a sustainable development of the construction industry, meeting today’s needs without compromising the needs of future generations.

As part of Cementir Holding Group, we have defined a sustainability strategy aimed at reducing CO2 emissions with a 10-year Roadmap and committing 86 million euros to sustainability projects in the 2023-2025 Industrial Plan. Cementir is rated A- for Climate Change by CDP and recognized among the Leaders for Climate action. It has also achieved a A- score for CDP Water Security and is rated for its ESG performance by all major agencies worldwide.

In July 2021, the Science Based Targets initiative validated Cementir CO2 emission reduction targets, judged to be consistent with the ‘well below 2˚C’ objective.

White cement products help designers and users achieve multiple green building objectives by getting the most out of concrete. Our products facilitate long lasting, attractive, versatile, durable building elements that don’t need to be coated or covered to look great. The reflectivity of white cement concrete reduces the need for artificial light, increases visibility and helps prevent Urban Heat Islands.

The reflectivity of white cement concrete reduces the need for artificial light, increases visibility and helps prevent Urban Heat Islands. Concrete’s thermal mass contributes to lower energy costs by moderating temperature swings.

Our cement mills lead the industry in innovative use of alternative fuels such as un-recyclable plastics and tire fluff. Sinai White Cement is proud of our role in making this a more beautiful and sustainable world.

Sustainable advantages of white cement in construction:

Energy saving
Reflective surfaces of white concrete enhances natural light, absorb less heat and lowers lighting needs, resulting in savings in lighting and air conditioning.
Reduction of heat accumulation
White concrete surfaces contribute to a better environment by reducing the “Heat Island” effect and heat accumulation.
Durability and longevity
White and colored concrete and building elements have a high durability and extend the life cycle of building and infrastructure thus reducing maintenance.
Visibility and road safety
White concrete is proven to increase visibility in wet conditions and at night, making roadway infrastructure safer.
Speed of construction
Special applications such as UHPC and GFRC minimize on-site operations using prefabrication methods. This allows for high speed construction.
Strength properties
special applications based on white cement have advanced performances and durability with saving in materials. Constructing a bridge with UHPC requires less materials for enhanced durability and load-bearing capacity.


Our ambition is to continuously facilitate and inspire the entire value chain from architects, engineers and producers to the end users by offering customer-oriented sustainable innovation.

By listening to customers thoughts, we have developed high value-added products aligned to global megatrends, including customization, circular economy and high-energy solutions.

Our continuous innovation effort allows us to supply cutting-edge products to the building industry, offering sustainable and efficient solutions.

Sustainability plays a key role within our innovation strategy. With InWhite Solutions® we have developed a range of high value-added products, including Ultra High Performance Concrete and 3D printing, in close collaboration with customers, consultants and partners.

We consider research and development a strategic and essential tool to improve both product quality and sustainability.

For us, innovation means continuously broadening our horizon by listening to the market and our customers’ needs. This approach leads us to develop new products and solutions or completely new applications capable of improving existing performance and promoting a circular economy.

Research and Development Center

Together with our experts and scientists of the Research Quality and Technical Center in Aalborg, Denmark, our innovation team offers product technical supports and market-specific product and application trainings to local customers and stakeholders in all regions.

Research and development is inspired by our customers and is aimed at addressing today's challenges: increasing energy efficiency, reducing construction costs and times, reducing environmental impact and meeting higher aesthetic, health, comfort and well-being standards.